Embroidery Expectations

Many people believe that an image or logo can be transferred directly from computer to embroidery with relative ease.

This however is sadly not the truth with intricate designs and we therefore need to clarify some myths with regards to embroidery:

  • Embroidery is not to be rushed.
  • The larger the image the longer the client waits.
  • The more intricate the image the more difficult it is to convert it to stitches and it increases the delivery time.
  • Different materials produce different results ie.towels vs. cotton will not look exactly the same.

At Blue Dot we believe in the following:

  • Keep to the tried and tested ways that guarantee results.
  • Less is more “keep the detail” but “loose the clutter”.
  • Test the design first, to get the optimal results

We love embroidery to bits and therefore pride ourselves in every single garment, hat or towel that leaves our premises.

We always supply the client with an embroidered sample before we start work, so there are no surprises .