Digital or Vinyl

Here are some simple rules we follow when it comes Digital Print and Vinyl Lettering and Decals.

The truth about digital prints:

  • They do not last forever, the colour does fade over time, and rather quickly if it is used outdoors therefore it is wise to UV coat digital prints that are going to be outdoors. This will increase their lifespan a lot but it hardly every last more than 3 to 4 years.
  • Printing on a good quality media “printable vinyl” is always a better bet in the long run – vinyl becomes brittle over the years and also looses some if it’s “stickyness”. Good vinyl endures this harsh South African sun much better. Keep this in mind when placing your order. Make sure you understand your needs, either way we can help.
  • Digital prints need to dry properly before supplied to the client; a rushed print can become a smudged print.
  • The banding issue with digital prints will always be there. We however try to minimize this as much as possible but keep in mind that on a 10 meter banner you will not see it.

The truth about vinyl:

  • Vinyl for signage and decals are either cheap or expensive – CHEAP = 1 Year and EXPENSIVE = 7 Years. As with all products like cars etc. you get what you pay for. Ask our team to advise you on the most cost effective solution that will meet your requirements.
  • If Vinyl is not applied correctly it will start curling on the edges, especially if the surface it get’s applied to is dirty. Yes there is ways to do it quickly, but we believe in using the right tools for the job. Lots of chemicals leave a residue that interferes with the adhesiveness of the media. We go to great expense to use the proper chemicals for the job.